Looking for an old Vidmate version? You may need an older version of Vidmate if the version that you have downloaded isn’t compatible with your Android.

This is a perfectly normal thing to happen. You see, as many as there are mobile phones, there are Android versions. You yourself must have seen how many Android phones are available in the market by different companies. Since Android is an open source mobile operating system, almost every company has its own version. Some versions are older, and some are the latest.

Vidmate is the best app when it comes to the downloading of top kinds of music position along with viral videos. The old version of vidmate is one of the most trustworthy & reliable videos downloader app available in the market and a choice of millions of people and with the recent updates in this amazing vidmate app, it becomes much more fun giving untenable its users to stay entertained.

Features of Vidmate Old Version APK Download:

  • Users can also attain the provision of pausing, deleting, and restarting the downloading action as and when it required in the app.
  • With the help of this amazing video downloader app apk of vidmate, the users can download their favourite videos and movies in HD quality and so they are favourite TV channel from more than 200 and plus channels available here on vidmate apk.
  • Through the access of this Vidmate apk download for videos & kinds of music, you can obtain the task of performing multi-tasking facility with its rapid speed of download option in it.
  • All the downloading videos, kinds of music, apps, etc from this app is completely free of cost and the users are not required to pay any amount to download the videos from social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, vimeo and others.
  • Vidmate old version app download assists with the supporting version of the downloading file of 2GB and more in it
  • With vidmate.video, you can download a variety of high-quality videos and songs and enjoy the experience of watching it in the best quality without paying any amount in return.

So if you are interested in vidmate old version apk then you can download it easily. Vidmate old version download allows us to download videos, movies, songs with various formats and also from multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. all for free on your computer.

This is why we have got different old versions of Vidmate listed at the same place. Although it is rare that the version that you download doesn’t work on your Android phone (because most of the Vidmate versions are backward compatible), just to be on the safer side, we have the following versions of Vidmate listed on our website: 2.5, 2.28, 3.03, 3.28, 2015 & 2016.

Does it matter which version of Vidmate for Android you download?

It depends on what functions you are looking for? Of course, the initial versions of Vidmate may not have the features that the current, 2018 version of Vidmate has. Similarly, the future versions of Vidmate may have features that are not currently available in the current 2018 version of Vidmate. This is how every mobile app evolves.

Nonetheless, all the basic functions of downloading the video, streaming them, saving them off-line, playing them, searching for them and maintaining them are available in all the Vidmate versions 2.5, 2.28, 3.03, 3.28, 2015 & 2016.

Different versions may have different security features. Besides, one version might be more compatible with your Android version than the other. Some may work perfectly, and some may have some glitches. Again, it all depends on what version of Android is running on your particular mobile phone or mobile device.

In more than 95% of the cases, the direct version that you download from the Vidmate website should work on your mobile phone if you have purchased your mobile phone within the last 2-3 years. If you purchased your mobile phone before that, you may have to try out a couple of different versions of Vidmate.

Why use the latest Vidmate version?

The latest Vidmate version may carry security patches. It may carry all the video downloading resources that may have been missed in the older versions.

The latest Vidmate version may also utilise the capabilities of the latest Android version. Just as new features are constantly being added in mobile apps, new features are also constantly being added to the Android mobile operating system. Many app developers like to utilise these features and provide more functionality to their users.

Do all Vidmate versions allow you to download videos?

Whether you use 2.5, 2.28, 3.03, 3.28, 2015 or 2016 version of Vidmate, it allows you to download videos from your favourite video sources. This is because the basic function of Vidmate is to allow you to download videos and save them off-line.

In the very first place the Vidmate video downloading mobile app was developed so that users can download videos when there is a good Internet connection and then watch those videos without an Internet connection. This is a basic function that has always existed since the beginning. So, no matter which version you download and install, you can always download your favourite videos.

In the latest versions you can also watch live TV. Of course to watch live TV you will need a good Internet connection, but that is a separate feature.

The Vidmate mobile app development team is constantly adding new features so even if you’re using Vidmate on your mobile phone, it is advised that you keep your mobile app updated so that you have the latest features (depending upon your Android version).

So, download the Vidmate video downloading mobile app of your preferred version right now and start enjoying your videos off-line.

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